Shu-min Coolidge

Shu-min H. Coolidge

Shu-min Hsu Coolidge

Shu-min Hsu Coolidge was born in Tainan County, Taiwan on August 22, 1976. She was raised in the Taiwanese countryside and attended Tamkang University in Tamsui, Taiwan. She earned her Bachelor's degree in English. During a work study exchange trip to Orlando, Florida in 1999, she met Tony Coolidge. They fell in love and married on August 27, 2000 and had their first child, Johan H. Coolidge on November 20, 2001. She has traveled quite extensively throughout her young life, spending quite a bit of time with her family in Tainan, Taiwan.

Shu-min has developed herself through leadership and communications training (Landmark Education). In the United States, she has become a consultant, helping businesses expand their business in Taiwan, Hong Kong and China. Through her work, she has traveled to these countries extensively. She has also taught Chinese to honors students at the business college at the University of Central Florida in Orlando, Florida. She has also provided Chinese language instruction to members of the U.S. military.

In Taiwan, Shu-min is teaching English and raising a family to be bilingual. She is also writing a blog about raising a family in Taiwan.

Shu-min is a very compassionate and caring woman. She is a member of the Tzu-Chi buddhist organization.

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